Saturday, February 4, 2017

Gender Symbols iTrans | Intersexual-Transsexual Unisex-2-in-1-Male-and-Female (some identify as female, some as male, and some as male-and-female because they are; it depends on how the individual identifies as or who they say they are, because no ones knows any better who they are other than themselves and God, whether you listen to them or not. Because after all, it is INTERSEXUAL-TRANSSEXUALISM, THE TRUTH BETWEEN MY GOD AND I. You can believe us, or you can deny us, but we will always be. You can listen to us, or you can judge our appearances, but you will never know who we are unless we tell you, just like beings from another world. Therefore, you who judge based on appearances will never know as you ought to know your God or people because you refuse to accept the truth as is. Look at us, we are the truth living, or we are fake people or fictional characters because you say we are. Your own words will be used against you to judge you on JUDGEMENT DAY.)

4* Germany Rejects 'Intersexual' As A Separate Gender As Court Rules There Are Only Males And Females

5* Intersex Spotlight

6* Queers United

7* Third Sex Option- Intersexual-Transsexual

8* Caster Semenya Leaks Begin | Caster Semenya A Hermaphrodite VS. Results In November

9* Ari

10 * Professor Mickey Diamond: “Nature Loves Variety; Unfortunately, Society Hates It”

11* Egalite Intersex Bathroom Sign Ukraine

12* Trans Student Group Demands More From University

13* Are Black Trans Women Faced with‘Injustice at Every Turn’?

14* Intersexual-Transsexual Unity | Flag!

15* Symbol Often Used By Bisexual People

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