Thursday, August 25, 2016

NASA's outsourced computer people are even worse than you


Monday, August 22, 2016

I Had A Dream

5:55p.m. today, August 22, 2016. Yeshua came to visit me in a dream with an angel who had wings like a humming bird pointed upwardly, white wings, both dressed in white. Yeshua had a red blanket over His white garment, kind of like in a toga appearance like a citizen and King of Heaven. He appeared out of nowhere walking toward me on His earth, the earth He gave me from about 10-to-15 feet away from where I stood outside on the porch. There was a glorious morning light in the sky and everything appeared so new and fresh, and my spirit-soul seen when they arrived as I slept. His face had a glow and lit up like that of a glowing jelly fish. Yes, I then woke up and walked out to meet Him only this time in my body, and His body and what He wore also had a glow to it, but what He wore hardly had a glow to it, and I had a natural daughter feeling all over me, and I felt like He came to pick me up. I wasn't afraid, but I paced back about 5 feet back inside the house and closed the door enough to peek through the edge of the door because the sight of His angels wings had me shocked from their unexpected arrival, and I had very clean pure feelings. And as I was pulling the door wide open again to walk out to Him, instantly I awoke.

Olympic Shames: Prostitution, Violence And Crime Gripping Rio While World Watches Sporting Show Haha! To the old governments: To the haters: To companies and all businesses BIG OR small alike: You get what you sow so they (sex workers) could depend and work on old people and sugar daddies who take care of their needs for living according to their purposely created government systems! Hey, they have no work experience because you don't love them at all enough to hire them when they come asking you for bread/WORK, but on the streets they sell their bodies and make good money, more than you probably would have given them as a modern slave, and they have no experience for that nor do they need any, nor do grown ups need your permission for them to sell their bodies sexually! No one would hire them, no one would marry them, they ran out of options, and the same governments and business families related to each other persecutes them and insult them using curses and negative language whether directly or indirectly! No one can raise a family on minimum wage on their own (so it's kind of mandatory that one marries or die suffering slowly because they don't have a partner,) so that people could depend on welfare government assistance instead, so that the government can keep track of the things they do wherever they go by having them check in every 6 months or so, how much less will they (sex workers) care in sustaining themselves if they can't or could barely financially support their own family or selves. If you now you are a slut behind your husbands or wives back or a flirt among strangers as cheaters, why call them whores and sluts if you are just like them. The difference is one gives money, and the other takes. Flirt+Flirt=CHEATERS=RISKS. You are no better than they are.

Obama Administration Set To Remove Barrier To Marijuana Research

(1)Obama Administration Set To Remove Barrier To Marijuana Research (2) Report: The Government Is About to Open Up Research on Marijuana (3) Marijuana To Remain Illegal Under Federal Law, DEA Says (4) What Congress Is Saying About The DEA's Refusal To Change Course On Pot

Ashley Laith

Transgender Woman Robs Bank, Hands Out Cash, So She Can Return To Jail(Prison) SHE ROBBED A BANK SO SHE COULD RETURN BACK TO PRISON (AFTER BEING PROCESSED IN JAIL,) NOT JAIL- "a (Bi) Child of God : This is so sad! A FEW THINGS I WANT TO POINT OUT: Prison conditions are atrocious. I once met a prisoner (who is free and has turned his life around and is an activist) and he described the prison system as slavery. The man I met wasn't trans, but I have learned online that trans people often face abuse, administrative discrimination, and in many places, denial of healthcare in prison. We have to ask ourselves this: How did we let society get so brutal that she felt she was out of options? Why was she denied service at a homeless shelter? Why was she brutalized at a park commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. of all places? Who refused to hire her? What conditions in society made her homeless? Who would she become and what would she accomplish if trans* people were treated with full equity? Why are prisoners considered irredeemably evil? Why are human rights, including trans* rights, given only if ever to "worthy" people who have never been to jail? Who will love this woman? Who will pray for this woman? Do prisoners matter? Do trans lives matter? Let the person who has not sinned throw the first stone. "For I was hungry and you fed me. I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink. I was homeless and you gave me shelter. I was sick and you took care of me. I was in prison and you visited me. I was a stranger and you welcomed me, for whatever you do unto the "least" of these, you did unto me. She is a child of God." Matthew 25-35 (The Bible)

Black Transgender Women React To Dee Whigham's Murder WHAT I THINK: What I know is that the law is blind when it wants to be. Sometimes American law doesn't make any sense and THE PEOPLE must kick sense into it. So yes, this ["Mississippi does not include gender identity in its hate crime statute]" stuff really makes no sense to me nor to many others and they are wrong in their laws. All I see is basic discrimination that must not go unpunished. The government is a two-face-democrat (s)/republican(s)] and vise-verse because every democrat is different, some in disguise as democrats.) Lots of hypocrisy, hardly any parking space.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Judge Blocks Indiana Genetic Abnormality Abortion Law

1.) 2.) "The lawsuit filed by Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana also challenges the law's provision REQUIRING THAT ABORTED FETUSES BE BURIED OR CREMATED." I stand with the law on this one so baby killers can see that what they do is wrong, if at all they have a soul, a black soul.

The Revenant| Official Trailer [HD] 20th Century FOX In this movie, a man is like a pack of wolves eating flesh for his survival; His food for vengeance is justice, an out cry of love for his son. It goes to show how empty one is, when infact him living is everything.

Man Says He Was Orlando Shooter's Lover, Claims Gunman "Hated" Puerto Ricans Puerto Ricans (P.R.'s) are not Latinos, they are Hispanics. Plus, last time I remember, a terrorist attack on anyone in America is an attack on all of Americans. Furthermore, by birth P.R.'s are American citizens. 'But, when a baby is born here in America to parents that descended from P.R., then the baby is pure American, and not P.R. And if someone is born to parents that 'are from P.R., what they should say to identify themselves to others if it makes them feel any better, is to say that he or she has Puerto Rican heritage in their blood, if it makes him or her anymore proud than saying they are American, perhaps because their whole life they felt betrayed by their own Country-America/American natural born citizens, or maybe they just feel better or more superior than others like white people. America is not white, America is rainbowlicious!

Having Extramarital Sex Makes Me A Fabulous Mother An open relationship in marriage is fine if both parties are okay with it. And if that kind of love is all that ever finds you, yeah its fabulous for some. I can bare it for example if its all that anyone would ever want nowadays to some agreement, but not behind my back. But you will never be with God if you feel its okay to love, hold, cuddle, sleep and warm up with the same person you make love to every night in marriage, after coming home from having sex with someone else from time to time whether in an orgy or with multiple men throughout the day when he and she becomes addicted to sex as they are now. Or if you enjoy the pleasure of seeing strangers do your spouse, you will never be with God, so don't get dress because you're not invited to the great wedding in Heaven living this way. But if you are married to more than one person and you all live together, then I see no wrong in that. So having extramarital sex makes her an awful mother, simple as that. How can she care after her kids with these thoughts in her mind-black soul. If she wants to live this way, she should be single and childless so she can go have sex play with strange men and so that she doesn't have to worry about any kids or anyone else who watches after them, so no kids of hers run around asking for slutty mommy. She might even feel holy of FABULOUSLY happy doing it bareless behind her husbands back [something her husband might never come to find out and vise verse and they will lie about it and it will happen] because people are like that if they are really turned on, but that is the door he allowed her to open up between her legs for other men, so he chose his hell. Next thing you know her child looks like mommy but nothing like biological daddy. And next it'll probably get repeated, or it'll end in a divorce battle. Nice going Christians, if you think that's what you are!

New York Approves Unisex Bathrooms In Nod To Transgender People Bad idea for New York and elsewhere. Great, now men will be pissing on the floors, walls, and on toilet seats meant for women. Women also now have to put up with toilet tissue being visibly stuck to the ceiling or hanging on wall(s) after boys are done partying in it. You should see how dirty some single stall handicap bathrooms look like, for Example such as at a mall.You'll have an idea then what women will now have to put up with. I ask myself, how can a toilet with urine all over it made dirty by men or boys be of any good use for us women who urinate while being seated without having to clean up after others? And its a freaky reality that I and other women have to deal with these personal feelings from it, and then having to clean up after strange men who do not use the bathroom properly in a unisex single stall bathroom.

While Obama Won't Say Or Use The Term "Radical Islam," Here Is The Reality

You have some within the Muslim religion who believe in punishing sin through violence through what they've learnt from the Quran-this we call RADICAL ISLAM, those who act out on it. But Christianity is no different, because there are some within the Christian faith also who promoted slavery, war, racism, etc. through what they've learnt from the Bible. America* Christianity* Islam* Not to be confused with one another. No one needs to go to a place of worship in order to have a personal relationship with their God. God created us to be able to worship Him from anywhere. No one needs to go to a place of worship in order to have a personal relationship with their God. *******Giuliani 'Disturbed' Obama Won't Say Radical Islamic Terror ; And, *******Hillary Clinton: I'll Say The Words 'Radical Islamism' ******REMEMBERING THE ORLANDO SHOOTING MASSACRE THAT TOOK PLACE AT THE PULSE NIGHT CLUB *******10 Of The Worst Terror Attacks by Extreme Christians and Far-Right White Men *******List of Islamist Terrorist Attacks/Radical Islam *******10 MASSACRES HIDDEN FROM THE PUBLIC Without Unity: 1.) Paris Masscre of 1961 2.) Ashaninka Tribe Massacre 3.) Bentinck Island Massacre 4.) Batang Kali Massacre 5.) My Lai Massacre 6.) 1988 Executions In Iran 7.) Wagalla Massacre 8.) 1950's Korean Massacre 9.) Katyn Massacre 10.) Hyderabad Massacre

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Family business fired him for being gay, and now he gets $3.5 million

Family business fired him for being gay, and now he gets $3.5 million COMMENT:------------------- Correction, family members fired him for being a cheater and unfaithful to his wife, and for living a lie all these years based on that, I can imagine that, if you read between the lines what his wife must have felt. But also they hate him for being gay, and that is wrong. I see no good in him. What ever happened [till death do us part? He broke that.] That is another reason why he is a scum liar which the media forgot to mention. If I were his wife, I wouldn't have divorced him until I sued him for that money, for breaking that oath he had between him and his wife. "The Minnesota banking executive NOT ONLY LANDED IN DIVORCE COURT[after his wife found out he was gay and a cheater, how else could he have known he was gay without first experimenting before abandoning his marriage for sure and then having to regret it] and on the outs with his relatives," but he got fired as well for his bad morals of him cheating, for him being a late gay bloomer, and for him degrading those family values when he had long ago made an oath, read between the lines." He's probably not even gay, he probably was just being greedy and trying to rip his family off out of millions, how many of you don't have family members like that! Medical examiners should have examined his behind before coming to a conclusion. The wife knew he was gay before he told her, so that is why she divorced him! It took some time to let go of him. He suffered not, he is a grown man. When he grew out of his house family and left his father and mother to be an independant man, he had the choice years ago to come out as being gay. He suffered all these years because he chose to suffer, so stop crying for him. A real gay man doesn't wait till he is old in his age to tell his family and wife that he is gay and prefers men. If I were his wife or ex wife, I would hire a decoy to catch him being with another woman sexually or intimately from time to time, and then take him back to court for claiming and making a mockery out of being gay and making gays look bad when caught, if caught, yes caught. He should be ashamed of himself.