Saturday, August 20, 2016

Family business fired him for being gay, and now he gets $3.5 million

Family business fired him for being gay, and now he gets $3.5 million COMMENT:------------------- Correction, family members fired him for being a cheater and unfaithful to his wife, and for living a lie all these years based on that, I can imagine that, if you read between the lines what his wife must have felt. But also they hate him for being gay, and that is wrong. I see no good in him. What ever happened [till death do us part? He broke that.] That is another reason why he is a scum liar which the media forgot to mention. If I were his wife, I wouldn't have divorced him until I sued him for that money, for breaking that oath he had between him and his wife. "The Minnesota banking executive NOT ONLY LANDED IN DIVORCE COURT[after his wife found out he was gay and a cheater, how else could he have known he was gay without first experimenting before abandoning his marriage for sure and then having to regret it] and on the outs with his relatives," but he got fired as well for his bad morals of him cheating, for him being a late gay bloomer, and for him degrading those family values when he had long ago made an oath, read between the lines." He's probably not even gay, he probably was just being greedy and trying to rip his family off out of millions, how many of you don't have family members like that! Medical examiners should have examined his behind before coming to a conclusion. The wife knew he was gay before he told her, so that is why she divorced him! It took some time to let go of him. He suffered not, he is a grown man. When he grew out of his house family and left his father and mother to be an independant man, he had the choice years ago to come out as being gay. He suffered all these years because he chose to suffer, so stop crying for him. A real gay man doesn't wait till he is old in his age to tell his family and wife that he is gay and prefers men. If I were his wife or ex wife, I would hire a decoy to catch him being with another woman sexually or intimately from time to time, and then take him back to court for claiming and making a mockery out of being gay and making gays look bad when caught, if caught, yes caught. He should be ashamed of himself.