Sunday, August 21, 2016

Having Extramarital Sex Makes Me A Fabulous Mother An open relationship in marriage is fine if both parties are okay with it. And if that kind of love is all that ever finds you, yeah its fabulous for some. I can bare it for example if its all that anyone would ever want nowadays to some agreement, but not behind my back. But you will never be with God if you feel its okay to love, hold, cuddle, sleep and warm up with the same person you make love to every night in marriage, after coming home from having sex with someone else from time to time whether in an orgy or with multiple men throughout the day when he and she becomes addicted to sex as they are now. Or if you enjoy the pleasure of seeing strangers do your spouse, you will never be with God, so don't get dress because you're not invited to the great wedding in Heaven living this way. But if you are married to more than one person and you all live together, then I see no wrong in that. So having extramarital sex makes her an awful mother, simple as that. How can she care after her kids with these thoughts in her mind-black soul. If she wants to live this way, she should be single and childless so she can go have sex play with strange men and so that she doesn't have to worry about any kids or anyone else who watches after them, so no kids of hers run around asking for slutty mommy. She might even feel holy of FABULOUSLY happy doing it bareless behind her husbands back [something her husband might never come to find out and vise verse and they will lie about it and it will happen] because people are like that if they are really turned on, but that is the door he allowed her to open up between her legs for other men, so he chose his hell. Next thing you know her child looks like mommy but nothing like biological daddy. And next it'll probably get repeated, or it'll end in a divorce battle. Nice going Christians, if you think that's what you are!

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