Sunday, August 21, 2016

New York Approves Unisex Bathrooms In Nod To Transgender People Bad idea for New York and elsewhere. Great, now men will be pissing on the floors, walls, and on toilet seats meant for women. Women also now have to put up with toilet tissue being visibly stuck to the ceiling or hanging on wall(s) after boys are done partying in it. You should see how dirty some single stall handicap bathrooms look like, for Example such as at a mall.You'll have an idea then what women will now have to put up with. I ask myself, how can a toilet with urine all over it made dirty by men or boys be of any good use for us women who urinate while being seated without having to clean up after others? And its a freaky reality that I and other women have to deal with these personal feelings from it, and then having to clean up after strange men who do not use the bathroom properly in a unisex single stall bathroom.

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