Monday, August 22, 2016

Olympic Shames: Prostitution, Violence And Crime Gripping Rio While World Watches Sporting Show Haha! To the old governments: To the haters: To companies and all businesses BIG OR small alike: You get what you sow so they (sex workers) could depend and work on old people and sugar daddies who take care of their needs for living according to their purposely created government systems! Hey, they have no work experience because you don't love them at all enough to hire them when they come asking you for bread/WORK, but on the streets they sell their bodies and make good money, more than you probably would have given them as a modern slave, and they have no experience for that nor do they need any, nor do grown ups need your permission for them to sell their bodies sexually! No one would hire them, no one would marry them, they ran out of options, and the same governments and business families related to each other persecutes them and insult them using curses and negative language whether directly or indirectly! No one can raise a family on minimum wage on their own (so it's kind of mandatory that one marries or die suffering slowly because they don't have a partner,) so that people could depend on welfare government assistance instead, so that the government can keep track of the things they do wherever they go by having them check in every 6 months or so, how much less will they (sex workers) care in sustaining themselves if they can't or could barely financially support their own family or selves. If you now you are a slut behind your husbands or wives back or a flirt among strangers as cheaters, why call them whores and sluts if you are just like them. The difference is one gives money, and the other takes. Flirt+Flirt=CHEATERS=RISKS. You are no better than they are.

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