Sunday, August 21, 2016

Man Says He Was Orlando Shooter's Lover, Claims Gunman "Hated" Puerto Ricans Puerto Ricans (P.R.'s) are not Latinos, they are Hispanics. Plus, last time I remember, a terrorist attack on anyone in America is an attack on all of Americans. Furthermore, by birth P.R.'s are American citizens. 'But, when a baby is born here in America to parents that descended from P.R., then the baby is pure American, and not P.R. And if someone is born to parents that 'are from P.R., what they should say to identify themselves to others if it makes them feel any better, is to say that he or she has Puerto Rican heritage in their blood, if it makes him or her anymore proud than saying they are American, perhaps because their whole life they felt betrayed by their own Country-America/American natural born citizens, or maybe they just feel better or more superior than others like white people. America is not white, America is rainbowlicious!

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