Monday, August 22, 2016

I Had A Dream

5:55p.m. today, August 22, 2016. Yeshua came to visit me in a dream with an angel who had wings like a humming bird pointed upwardly, white wings, both dressed in white. Yeshua had a red blanket over His white garment, kind of like in a toga appearance like a citizen and King of Heaven. He appeared out of nowhere walking toward me on His earth, the earth He gave me from about 10-to-15 feet away from where I stood outside on the porch. There was a glorious morning light in the sky and everything appeared so new and fresh, and my spirit-soul seen when they arrived as I slept. His face had a glow and lit up like that of a glowing jelly fish. Yes, I then woke up and walked out to meet Him only this time in my body, and His body and what He wore also had a glow to it, but what He wore hardly had a glow to it, and I had a natural daughter feeling all over me, and I felt like He came to pick me up. I wasn't afraid, but I paced back about 5 feet back inside the house and closed the door enough to peek through the edge of the door because the sight of His angels wings had me shocked from their unexpected arrival, and I had very clean pure feelings. And as I was pulling the door wide open again to walk out to Him, instantly I awoke.

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